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Canadian Thanksgiving Cheesecake!

22 Oct

Canadian Thanksgiving Cheesecake!

Busy month of September 2011 – never thought I was going to be able to pull it through. Looking at my long list to do I was sure that it was more like the arrival of Christmas tagging along all the preparations.

Guests were showing up and the house was a mess. All I had to do is delegate, right? No one was around, well, Gucci our cute little cat was and all she managed to do was terrorize the whole kitchen.

Production started! All the ingredients were set on the counter. And, I timed myself. The preparation shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes, I said to myself.

It took just about 17 minutes and it was done – The oven was pre-heated and in went the cake.

After that, I started housecleaning.

If you want the recipe of this cheesecake, please let me know!